Transporting Britain

Across the thousands of miles that SamTheVanMan’s same and next day courier and delivery services cover in the average month, we get to see some of the random things alongside the normal trucks and vans that rely on the UK motorway and trunk road network.

A little insight to this for those interested is, in just the last week on Britains roads, we’ve seen;

  • a police escorted Range Rover,
  • multiple pieces of wind turbines, and buildings
  • a steam engine and coal hopper, as well as all the new new random vehicles being delivered, such as;
  • armoured military bulldozers,
  • a manchester airport fire tender,
  • snow ploughs (hopefully won’t be needed),
  • and finally, on Friday we even spotted a Batmobile!

The Batman movie Batmobile was spotted on the M5, headed south.

It all has to go by road, sometimes it slows it all down, but nowhere near as often as we’re delayed by accidents and rolling roadblocks for debris in the carriageways, so drive safe and ensure your vehicle is safely secured before you set off.

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