SamTheVanMans Exmoor Update

The gritters and snowploughs have been out in force across the South West today keeping it moving as much as possible, however Exmoor being it’s own kettle of fish I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt today having been out and about.

Firstly massive credit to the gritters as there is only one main route problem that I’m aware of (and got caught by) – that is the A39 just outside of Lynton, on Countisbury Hill unless you have a tractor do not even attempt it, you will not make it. Whilst our snow has come and gone, Exmoor faired an awful lot worse with some stunning snow drifts, although some of these have come across the road as well.
To put it into perspective, they have closed the road at Countisbury Hill, I couldn’t get much past the Barbrook service station. The couple who run it had been inundated with calls from neighbouring people stating the coast road and main 39 was unpassable. They also mentioned the few people they had to rescue yesterday who had come out from Barnstaple underestimating quite how harsh the road conditions were.

If you are going anywhere off the gritting route on Exmoor you will likely get stuck, with nothing clearing it and the temperature coming down again below freezing tonight you will just be driving on ice.

If you need to get to Minehead, go via the M5 until the closure clears.

Safe driving, take care on the roads as gritters, ploughs and snow blowers were all on the gritting routes this afternoon. The A399 (South Moulton to Bratton Fleming/A39) road is passable although take care as one car in front of me almost went straight into a snow blower.

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Bristol main routes are all clear, although residential streets are a mixture of snow and ice where cars have spun up the snow, and it’s refrozen.

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