Animal Transport Specialist

DEFRA Licensed Animal Transportation
We are one of the only animal transporter companies in the UK that specialise in reptiles, snakes and amphibians. Sam The Van Man is a fully licensed type 2 DEFRA animal courier.

Specialist Snake Transport

It started as a hobby, due to our love of all things animal. Since then we’ve transported everything from dogs, pelicans, lizards, caiman, puma, snakes to frogs, cats and parrots. From Aberdeen to Penzance, our animal transport covers the whole country. The van has numerous inverters powering heat mats and has the ability to transport huge vivarium stacks with ease with a huge 6x8ft load space! Contact Us Today for your quote.

Specialist Snake Transport

Zoo Animal Transportation

With our huge LDV along with ample anchorage points throughout the load area, we are able to accommodate numerous sized stowage crates allowing for transportation of everything from big cats to deer, penguins and wolves and any other animal that can be crated safely.

With our detailed knowledge of requirements and potential care concerns we will discuss our route directly with you prior to collection as well as ensuring all of the CITIES paperwork is collected and transported safely. Contingency plans including alternative routes are always planned and worked out so that if the unexpected happens, we’re able to deal with it.

If required the van can be satellite tracked and will liaise with the animal collection closely. We can also accommodate a member of the your team if required.

Tocho (Puma) 2012Credit - Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Tocho (Puma) 2012
Credit – Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Our personal love, care and attention ensures that the best possible care is given to your new animals.

You can call us anytime within our office hours (9am – 7pm) or email us now to get a quote.

We offer the most competitive prices in the UK for reptile and animal removals, Sam also offers a Like for Like, Price Match Guarantee as we do with every service delivers.

– Sam