Month: April 2013

E. oili?

E. coli bacteria have been genetically modified to convert sugar into an oil that is almost identical to diesel. If the process was carried out on a larger scale, the manufactured fuel could replace fossil fuel use. Proving more efficient more »

ASBO Swan sparks “How to” Guide

A swan reported of regularly attacking people since 2009, named Mr Asbo by locals, has inspired a guide to be written – advising people on how to treat and respect the territorial wild birds. Attacks can be dangerous as their more »

Classic cars locked away for the winter

Classic car lovers are turning to storage facilities to keep their precious vehicles stored safely in mint condition during the winter months. With lots of available storage units around the country without clear access to garages can provide issues from more »

Addison Lee sold to US private equity firm Carlyle

Addison Lee, one of Britain’s largest minicab companies, has been bought by US private-equity firm Carlyle Group in a deal reported to be worth £300m. The firm founded by ex-cabbie John Griffin in 1975 has grown from just one car more »

Rhino Horn Heist Robs Museum

Raiders stole rhinoceros heads, worth an estimated 0.5 million euros ($650,000), from the National Museum of Ireland last week. The daring raid consisted of four raiders that overpowered and tied up a security guard during the robbery late on the more »

Silent, reliable, high-performance energy supply to replace generators

Telecom antennas in isolated locations across Belgium can now be powered by Hydrogen fuel cells until they are connected to the power grid. Reducing CO2 emissions by 35 tonnes per year when compared to a generator,  Belacom is now testing more »

TRACKER update

Vehicle tracking specialist platform, TRACKER, purchased by domestic drivers as well as professionals and fleet operations alike to track stolen vehicles, has updated its system to provide more data. The service now allows drivers to plan a journey more efficiently more »

Badger Cull Increases Cruelty Cases

This year will see two trial badger culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset in an effort to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis. This has started encouraging people to badger bait and other acts of cruelty.These acts are still illegal as more »

Sheep Lawn Mowers

Paris officials have decided that lawnmowers are just too bad for the environment – this year four Ouessant sheep will graze the grasslands of Paris in a new eco-experiment. With no fuel costs or vehicle maintenance and the new employees more »

Waitrose Donates to RSPCA

Waitrose have donated margarine to the RSPCA’s West Hatch Centre in Taunton to assist removing the spilled glue from over 200 birds brought in. The margarine breaks down the polyisobutene (used in sealants and chewing gum among other things) which more »